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The Language of Mixed-Media Sculpture

A second reference book written by Jac Scott, The Language of Mixed-Media Sculpture, published 12 May 2014 by The Crowood Press. ISBN 9781847977212

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This new volume is both a global survey and a celebration of contemporary approaches to sculpture formed from more than one material. It profiles the discipline in all its expanded forms: illustrating that sculpture in twenty first century is not something solid and static but rather a fluid interface in material, time and space.
It will include:

• Insightful revelations of the creative journeys from ten renowned sculptors
• Useful technical information on a myriad of processes and materials
• Twenty-eight international sculptors showcased
• Inspiring imagery with over 220 colour photographs

The collection of exciting and dynamic international sculptors to feature in this new book includes: Andre Woodward, Catherine Bertola, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Liliana Porter, Mary Giehl, Marilene Oliver, Pascale Pollier, Kate MccGwire, Niko Neelova, Michael Shaw, YaYa Chou, Yuebin Gong, Peter Freeman, Rachel Allen, Eliza Bennett, Awst & Walther, Andrew Burton, Noam Ben-Javov, Ricardo O’Nascimento, Stelios Manganis, Mark Houghton, Jac Scott, Janet Curley Cannon, Cath Keay, Liz West, David Chalmers Alesworth, Dorcas Casey, Jacob Dahlgren and Andrea Hasler.

This sumptuously illustrated volume will inspire those intrigued and interested in contemporary sculpture. Suitable for all artists, enthusiasts, students and practitioners alike, the book will form an invaluable guide to the great plethora of twenty-first century art.

Textile Perspectives in Mixed-Media Sculpture tpmms-web-cover

A hardback reference book written by Jac Scott for The Crowood Press Ltd.
Published June 2003, reprinted 2008, 2011
ISBN 1-86126-578-6
Available worldwide from all good bookshops, online retailers, the publishers at a significant discount and signed copies are available from this website – please send an email with your details.


The twentieth century saw an unprecedented revolution in the redefinition of sculpture from both a cerebral and material perspective.  This polemic discourse continues to create dynamic interfaces that blur the boundaries of traditional practice.  Textile Perspectives in Mixed-Media Sculpture examines one such interface – that of mixed-media sculpture and three-dimensional textile art.

  • Introductory chapter contextualises textile perspectives in mixed-media sculpture and discusses elements that concern the sculptor in the twenty first century
  • Illuminating text on the creative journeys of contemporary artists
  • Informative technical information on creating sculpture from plastic, rubber, plaster, metal and paper
  • Advice on health and safety issues
  • Insightful profiles of over thirty contemporary professional artists specializing in mixed-media sculpture
  • Useful reference section
  • Sumptuously illustrated in full colour with over 140 photographs

Textiles Perspectives in Mixed-Media Sculpture is a celebration of the prodigious sculpture created by artists who operate on the interface of mixed-media sculpture and textile art.  This insightful book reveals the inspirations, influences and creative journeys of over thirty contemporary artists working in this field.  Theoretically and practically the book contextualises the discipline whilst providing technical information about alternative materials employed by the featured artists in their work.  The practical application of using such media as plastics, rubber, plaster, metal and paper is fully explored, supported by advice on health and safety considerations.  Complimented by over 140 lavish illustrations the volume forms a visual feast that will inspire and inform practitioners, students and enthusiasts alike.  An essential guide to all those who express their creativity in three dimensions.

Featured artists include: Jac Scott, Gemma Smith, Carole Andrews, Nicola Morriss, Kieta Jackson, Helen Weston, Caroline Murphy, Karin Muhlert, Wanda Zyborska, Maddi Nicholson, Sarah Crawford, Simone Cobbold, Shelly Goldsmith, Mary Cozens- Walker, Francoise Dupre, Joanna Chapman, Penny Burnfield, Anniken Amundsen, Samantha Bryan, Lucy Brown, Susan Cutts, Caroline Bartlett, Jayne Lennard, Rozanne Hawksley, Maggie Henton, Diane Reade, Gill Wilson, Fiona Gray, Morag Colquhoun, Hilary Bower and Belma Lugic.

Excess monograph 2009excess

A hardback book showcasing highlights of practice till 2009  with essays by curator Beverley Knowles and USA environmentalist Thomas Lindley.  Published to complement Excess solo exhibition at the Collins Gallery, Glasgow 2009.

ISBN 978-0-947649-34-0
A glimpse inside the monograph published by University of Strathclyde.
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Beverley Knowles – curator (essay extract from Excess book)

It is our all too human consumerist tendencies that Jac Scott turns her clear-eyed gaze upon.  In the way of most art worth its salt, Jac does not impose any crass morality tales onto her observations.  Rather, she examines the religion of disposability that we live by in the modern west, and the significance behind the relationships we have built between ourselves and the objects of our consumption from a perspective of ‘observation and curiosity’.  There is no compassion in judgement.  But compassion is inherent and even nurtured in the white light of objective awareness.  And it is through her detached focus upon our idiosyncratically normalised consumerism that Jac highlights some of the many possible consequences of our actions, and shows us how limited is our understanding even of ourselves and our own motivations, to say nothing of our understanding of others. Jac’s work speaks to us again and again of the waste we produce as individuals and as a society.  In Love Poems she presents us with a series of photographic images printed onto see-through mirrored acrylic.  The images show fly-tipped one time treasured possessions – a tv set left, dumped, face down in an alley-way; a blue mattress, once a source of such comfort, now abandoned in the street; the legs of a discarded office chair protruding tragically from a laurel hedge.  By printing onto mirrored Perspex, Jac allows these ‘poems’ to literally capture the viewer and the rubbish in one frame.  Clearly pointing at the relationship between the individual onlooker and the anonymous rubbish, the question these visual poems silently ask is – why? It is the extraordinary quantities of stuff we throw away that evidences the very fact that we go to such lengths to deny to ourselves – namely, that our consumption is way beyond what we could conceivably rationalise as requisite to subsistence.  The vast scale of our waste generation points categorically to the fact that we are consuming not out of physical need, but to the tune of some other concealed agenda.  If our consumption is not compelled by physical need, nor by intellectual need, then the need, presumably, must be emotional?

Ionic commission 2013


Ionic Volume 5 (art and science journal). Illustration commission to complement article A Moment of Clarity by Simon Hazelwood, reporting on  scientific progress in understanding our brains. See the magazine here











Ionic commission 2012 RECTINAL-IMAGE---IONIC-WEB

Ionic Volume 2 (art and science journal). Illustration commission to complement article Out of the Darkness by Kirsty Oswald,  about scientific progress towards curing blindness. See the magazine here


Volume commission 2010

volume Volume, (contemporary arts journal) the eco issue no. 7 June 2010, published Jac Scott’s photograph Pink Sofa in Fog to accompany The British National Poem by Emilio Reyes.




Cumbria Life magazine feature 2011

cumbria life

Other Published Material and Selected Media Interest

2015 Post Mortem exhibition guide  – essay about the point of anatomical death and a query in to what happens to the spirit at this juncture.

2009 Sunday Times ‘Hit List’ exhibition selected.

A-N Magazine feature about solo exhibition at Collins Gallery, Glasgow.

BBC TV Northwest Tonight  – broadcast feature about practice.

2008 Welsh Art Now feature about prize received from John Lewis Partnership and exhibition at Reworked 2 exhibition, Washington Gallery, Penarth.

BBC Video Nation – selected to talk about own practice in studio.

2007 Dymond Guide Cumbria – arts publication featured practice.

BBC Radio Cumbria – interview broadcast about Youth Re:Action Team visit to Manchester.

Journal Culture – feature about practice.

2006 Monograph EAT to complement solo exhibition: included essay by Rob Fraser.

2004 Fiberarts (USA art mag) book review of Textile Perspectives in Mixed-Media Sculpture

Wasted (government education mag) full page front cover of sculpture from Wasted Collection.

Embroidery book review of Textile Perspectives in Mixed-Media Sculpture.

2005 Revealed wrote article about artist Lucy Brown for book and exhibition catalogue.  Published by Nottingham Castle Museum. 

BBC Radio Lancashire – interview about C21 Feast project in Blackburn

2003 Guardian ‘Picks of the Week’ curated ‘Material Spaces’ exhibition selected.

2002 Border TV – North News broadcast feature about ‘Personal Baggage’ project, highlighting fashion shoot with youth group at a landfill site.

A-N Magazine feature

BBC Radio Cumbria – 12.9.2002 interview about ‘Personal Baggage Project’.

2001 Monograph WastedCatalogue to accompany solo exhibition Wasted: Are you sitting comfortably?

Border TV – Out From the Crowd arts programme broadcast feature about practice and solo exhibition ‘Wasted’ at Tullie House Gallery, Cumbria.

BBC TV – North News broadcast feature about ‘Wasted’ exhibition at Tullie House Art Gallery

BBC TV – Look North broadcast feature about residency at WCF Alympas Ltd and solo exhibition at Tullie House Art Gallery for series looking at ‘ACE Year of the Artist’ projects.

2000 A-N magazine ‘Interventions’ wrote article about ‘Wasted’ industrial residency