Pail 2011

Extraordinary weather conditions are causing unprecedented natural disasters across the world. What are we thinking about and what are we doing to minimise more climatic changes?

Materials: galvanised steel

Dimensions: 192 x 106 x 42 cm

Pail formed a focal point for the Inside Change Project, commissioned by Arts Council England and Copeland Borough Council, as part of a research installation about climate change issues in an empty shop in Egremont, Cumbria. The project was launched in January 2011 on the coast at St. Bees where visitors were asked a series of questions and asked to post their replies in buckets along the promenade. The  research enquiry continued inside the shop and at local primary schools. To act as a catalyst for debate Pail was complemented by Life, (a miniature installation in a tableau format, in a three metre long box 17 x 18 x 300 cm) that highlighted in tiny vignettes some of the issues raised by climate change.