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Sculpture is the chorus for waking and the drug for sleeplessness.

 Jac Scott, 2013

Jac Scott is a nationally renowned, multi-award winning visual artist who investigates environmental issues.  She is interested in the cohabitation of art and science and how this relationship enriches our understanding of the world.  The gaps and the differences in our experiences deliver fractured realities that profile the earth as an enigma.  To try and unravel this mystery Scott researches and collaborates with specialists from other disciplines, including scientists and geographers.  The tension between approaches, objective scientific verses subjective artistic, the latter further skewed by emotional and philosophical underwriting, creates dynamic outcomes that ignite curiosity and debate.

Jac Scott ARBS has been an active member of the Royal Society of Sculptors since 2006. Her commitment to the discipline of sculpture is expounded in her reference books The Language of Mixed-Media Sculpture (published 2014) and Textile Perspectives in Mixed-Media Sculpture (published 2003 and reprinted numerous times), both published by The Crowood Press Ltd and sold worldwide. Monographs Excess, published by Strathclyde University, 2009 (to complement her solo exhibition in the Collins Gallery, Glasgow) and Beautiful Dystopia, published by University of Central Lancashire, 2013 (to complement the sixteen-month arts residency in the School of Built and Natural Environment) are available upon request.

Her exhibition profile includes a sustained catalogue of solo and group exhibitions including galleries: V&A, London, Sheffield Millennium Galleries, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, Commonwealth Institute, London, Museum for Textiles, Toronto, Canada and Art London, Chelsea.  Scott’s practice has featured in several television programmes and appeared widely in the art and national press.   She has won numerous awards from both the arts and environment sectors and regularly receives commissions from the public and education sectors.

A curriculum vitae is available upon request.


The fabrication of ‘stuff’ poses a conundrum for this sculptor in that whilst she is driven to create, she does not wish to contribute more ‘stuff’ to an already ‘over-stuffed’ world.  Consequently, part of her mandate is to harness environmentally–sensitive products and processes, and re-use materials, whenever possible.  This ethos demands the innovative use of ‘finds’ – the discarded, retrieved and redefined as objects, repositories of memories – imbued with metaphor and meaning.  Scott’s passion for the tactile and the eroded emerges in sculpture that in its corporeality reveals brooding degradation: the peeling layers inviting a meditation on the narrative exposed.

Scott’s work is intensive, saturated with cognitive battles juxtaposed against searches for harmony with incongruous matter – it requires a significant amount of experimentation, analysis and evaluation: a ‘poetic eye’ precariously balancing a metaphysical perspective against scientific evidence.   Her work aims not to offer a panacea or judgemental retort, (we are all culpable), but rather to investigate and reflect the inter-connectedness of humanity and the earth through exploring the less visible imprints.

The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility           

Albert Einstein  ‘Physics and Reality’, Journal of the Franklin Institute


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